mCoin is the only digital currency that serves 3 billion people offline


The initial ICO ) For the digital currency mCoin Achieving record numbers and in a short period exceeded the number of those who own mCoin More than one person 30,000 More than 150 State At the same time a number of mobile operators and companies in Africa wanted to adopt the digital currency mCoin It is considered mCoin Is the only digital currency that is negotiable or dealt with outside the Internet, which means that it can access unencumbered global markets that include more than one 3 One billion mobile users do not have access to the Internet as they will ONEm A digital wallet for currency traders mCoin With or without connection to the Internet and using any type of mobile to save and send and receive the digital currency. Featuring mCoin As it suits all segments and categories of society, even those who do not exceed their daily income 2.5 Dollar is also characterized by the provision of alternative mining to earn currency by adding value to it through various actions that can be carried out.

It is considered a mCoin On an advanced degree of evaluation sites such as famous digital currencies ICObench And ICOholder Clear indicators of the strong start of the currency and the possibility of access to a leading position among other digital currencies when put up for trading. It was ONEm Has announced the launch of its marketing partner program Referral Program ) For the initial ICO ) For the digital currency mCoin Which allows participants to get credit for purchases made through their acquaintances and followers in social networking sites. Unit price of mCoin During the initial stage of the project being conducted 3 Cents and the price will rise within days to 5 The dollar is expected to reach a dollar by the end of this year as the currency spreads and contracts with many companies, financial institutions and even some governments. The opportunity is now available to buy the digital currency mCoin At initial bid prices which provide high investment value even in the short term with the introduction of the currency in the global trading platforms in the coming months. Registration is for the initial offer to purchase mCoin Via the following website (in Arabic):


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