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Home News McSally flames "Activist" Sinema at the GOP Cookout in Arizona

McSally flames "Activist" Sinema at the GOP Cookout in Arizona

Rep. Martha McSally

MEP Martha McSally and other Arizona Republicans urged voters to keep the course in a historically red federal state. | Matt York / AP photo

PHOENIX – Rep. Martha McSally offered barbecue to a horde of supporters on Friday night before stating a two-part closing argument in her neck-in-the-Senate race: the economy is strong and my opponent's Arizona is too liberal.

McSally, who appeared alongside Governor Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) And other GOP government candidates, announced in her remarks the strong employment figures of the day as she urged supporters to maintain their voter turnout. The second-time Republican joins Republicans Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) In one of the nation's closest Senate contests, and a victory by McSally would give her party valuable cushion for the current majority of two votes in the chamber.

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The former fighter pilot blamed President Donald Trump for the high unemployment rate: "People are asking themselves: am I feeling better than a few years ago? The answer is yes. "Because America and Arizona are back."

Trump has delivered a tough message on immigration in the last few days of the mid-term, vowing to revoke the constitutional amendment that grants citizenship to those born in the United States. McSally casually mentioned the subject on Friday night and vowed: "We will secure our border."

But the message they and other republicans offered after serving dinner to supporters at Arizona's GOP headquarters focused on keeping the course in a historic red state where Ducey is likely to cross for re-election next week , Green Party candidate Angela Green decided to end the race on Thursday and support Sinema. McSally was again provided with food. She has accused Sinema of having approved of "betrayal" and continues to aim to persecute the Democrat after serving as Green Party spokeswoman herself during the 2000 election.

After jokingly calling Sinema a Green candidate, McSally added, "I'm sorry, the former Green Party activist – who's in the Liberal Witness Protection Program right now. It is still hiding, but it only shows its true colors, right? "

Surveys have shown that green netting accounts for only one percent of the Senate vote, and it's not clear how much their later retreat will drive Sinema forward as her name remains on the ballot in the United States.

Sinema has built its campaign on a promise to put Arizona's interests on the agenda of a national Democratic Party, saying in July that it would not support minority leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) to lead the Caucus, if elected to the Senate. The Democrats supported Trump's decision to send troops to the southern border, even though she had criticized Trump's speech for shutting off constitutional guarantees of guaranty.

But Sinema has laser-focused the last few weeks of the campaign with other Democrats on the protection of Obamacare's popular protection laws, a problem McSally acknowledged is "I'm kicking my ass" after he supports the House GOP plan had to pick it up the law. The Republicans did not provide any health care in their remarks at the GOP dinner on Friday, where even Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) Made comments in support of the party card.


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