MDMA Therapies Get Unmatched Results, Study Finds

Until now, MDMA has not been recommended by your doctor. This illicit drug is in fact rather consumed in the evening for its psychoactive effects. But MDMA could be an unparalleled treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and legalized as such in the United States, reports a new study. Live Science le 5 mai.

For the first time, an MDMA-based treatment is being tested in a phase III clinical trial. And the drug has shown more potential than any other drug available for PTSD. After three sessions, the results were extremely encouraging. Patients who received MDMA were 35% less likely to be diagnosed sick than those given placebo.

After two months, the trend increased, and the effectiveness of the treatment was confirmed. Almost 88% of the volunteers experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms. This is 28% more than those who were only entitled to placebo. But taking a dose of MDMA is not enough, and the drug is accompanied by psychotherapy.

« MDMA is experiential therapy and therefore requires the right framework to truly guide change and enable recovery Explains neurologist Jennifer Mitchell of the University of California at San Francisco. ” While many forms of PTSD treatment involve remembering a previous trauma, MDMA’s unique ability to instill compassion and understanding while alleviating fear is probably what makes it so effective. », Then confided the specialist.

But more research is needed to confirm the superiority of MDMA over current treatments. The second half of the third phase of the clinical trial is now underway. The researchers hope for rapid approval of the treatment.

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Source : Live Science