Meade team asks AMLO to render accounts for Jiménez Espriú and Odebrecht


The campaign team of José Antonio Meade , presidential candidate of ‘Todos por México’, called, through a statement, to Andrés Manuel López Obrador to be held accountable for the alleged nexus of Javier Jiménez Espriú with the Brazilian company Odebrecht. “According to information in the public domain, the political family of Jiménez Espriú is a member of the company Idesa , which joined with Braskem subsidiary of Odebrecht in the Ethylene XXI complex business, “the statement said. Meade’s campaign team rejected that the presidential candidate was involved in the signing of an agreement between Pemex and Braskem, since it was held on February 25, 2010 and the current candidate assumed the ownership of the Energy Secretariat on January 7, 2011. On Tuesday, June 12 during the third presidential debate of the INE, the standard-bearer of ‘Todos por México’ pointed out alleged links between Jiménez Espriú and the Odebrecht case. “And on the subject of Odebrecht, the question should not be for me, it should be for Andrés Manuel (López Obrador), because the Odebrecht partner in Mexico is the family of Jiménez Espriú, whom Andrés Manuel has proposed as his secretary of Communications and Transportation, “said Meade. Javier Jiménez Espriú is the proposal of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presidential candidate of ‘Together We Will Do History’, for the Ministry of Communications and Transport in case of winning the elections on July 1. The AMLO collaborator has rejected these accusations. “The accusation of José Antonio Meade is deceitful, lying to attack López Obrador. Meade knows that I’ve never worked at Idesa, I’m just a member of the board of directors, “Jiménez Espriú said this Thursday morning in an interview to Formula Group.


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