Meaning of Face Emoji with Two Palms in Front – Various emojis that color the conversation chatting users are endless. Various expressions and various emoji images certainly have their own meaning or meaning. One of them is a face emoji with two palms in front.

This emoji is also known as hugging face. Depicted with an expression of smiling openly as if to give a hug. Face emoji with open arms are often used by users to present happy expressions with warm hugs.

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Not only hugs, sometimes users also use it as an expression of support or welcome for someone they just met. Reporting from emojipedia, this yellow smiling face emoji with two palms in front has various meanings.

Such as enthusiastic expressions to give hugs or support, a sign of gratitude, love, to show a concern. This emoji is also synonymous with warm and positive feelings.

Because having gesture With open arms, this emoji expression seems to show feelings such as joy, enthusiasm, and support for various achievements. This emoji was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 under the name “Hugging Face” and added to emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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For information, Unicode is a technical standard designed to allow text and symbols from all writing systems in the world to be consistently displayed and manipulated by computers.

This expression is suitable for users to convey gratitude, support, to convey affection. Both in conversations via WhatsApp and various other social media.

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