Meat, vegetables and coffee more expensive; inflation (9.6 percent) continues to peak

The prices of foodstuffs such as meat and vegetables are rising rapidly and are contributing more and more to the high inflation. Food was 8.5 percent more expensive in April than a year earlier. In March, that increase was still 6.2 percent.

Initially, inflation rose mainly due to high energy prices, but now the prices of many more products are rising. Vegetables (+12.6), meat (+10.5), coffee, tea and cocoa (+13.9) and beer (+13.2) are now among the big climbers.

Other expenses that are becoming more expensive are, for example, renting bungalow houses, small tools and furniture.

energy prices

Fuel taxes were cut in April to cushion the pain of inflation, but with limited effect. Inflation is still exceptionally high in April at 9.6 percent; in March the figure stood at 9.7 percent.