Medan City ‘Belowed’ by Floods, Former Medan Mayor: Where Are the Frogs? – Rain that flushed the Medan City area on Tuesday (23/11/2021) night, caused several locations in Medan City to be flooded. In addition to the high intensity of rain, flooding occurs because the drainage is not able to accommodate the water discharge.

One of the locations where the water flow rate is quite high is in front of the Medan Train Station and a number of national roads. In addition, several schools were also flooded.

This condition drew a reaction from former Medan Mayor Akhyar Nasution who became a rival to Medan Mayor Bobby Afif Nasution during the last Medan City Election.

Through his Facebook post, Akhyar asked where the frogs had gone, when flood conditions hit parts of Medan City.

“How come these frogs don’t have a lot of voices I hear?” wrote Akhyar on his facebook seen on Wednesday (24/11/2021).

The post of the former North Sumatran PDIP party cadre was also flooded with various responses from netizens. There are those who associate the post with the flooding that occurred, but there are also those who respond casually.

“The frogs are also swimming, sir,” commented the account @junaidisyaputrasyaputra answering Akhyar’s question.

“The frog got flooded, sir. hiding cold. because this is the first time the city of Medan has flooded like this. What’s the reason for this, sir?” wrote @bebyyasmin chimed in. [era]

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