Medef : the successor to Gattaz, a journey d'pitfalls for the boss of Michelin

Medef : the successor to Gattaz, a journey d'pitfalls for the boss of Michelin


All the world in a dream, or almost at the Medef. But it is not at all certain that the dream becomes reality. The boss of Michelin, Jean-Dominique Sénard, may be presented as the ideal candidate to succeed Pierre Gattaz next year, several obstacles stand in his way. Itself is careful to present himself as a candidate, even if he has not been reluctant to come give a speech in front of a group of business leaders came specially to listen to it last September for a luncheon hosted by the association Ethic.

First hurdle : his age. He will be 65 next July, the date on which ends the mandate of the current president of the Medef. However, the statutes of the association stipulate that ” presidential candidates should not be aged more than 65 years to the day of the election “. Ambiguous, that some, at Medef, would like to interpret in a flexible way. Namely : don’t be 66 years old at the time of the election.


The lawyers, however, are not as runny, with the interpretation of the texts. And even if Pierre Gattaz denies having received a report on the subject, says “Le Canard enchaîné” this week, several lawyers have been consulted on the precise point of the constitution. Their conclusion ? A flexible interpretation of the texts is not always possible, especially if the executive council of the Medef, so decides on the 11th of December next. But if the election is the subject of a legal action, the jurisprudence is clear : “not over 65 years of age “, it is 64 years old !

Pierre Gattaz, by the way, not the intention to change the constitution to settle the case Sénard. the ” I’m not going to. That it was done quietly, after the election, why not ? But it doesn’t change the articles of association in end of term “, he warned on Thursday in front of journalists of the Ajef.

There is no question to advance the elections, which would mean a resignation of Pierre Gattaz. the ” I don’t have any desire to resign. And hold an election, it is long. It is necessary to do it correctly, properly, we’re not going to move the date forward “, has-t-he warned. And to show that he has no candidate favorite, the president of the Medef has said, ” one must have a choice to vote. It takes several candidates, not just one or two, “.

Reorganization Michelin

For Jean-Dominique Sénard, a second obstacle, and not the least, stands in front of him : the reorganization plan that must be in place at Michelin. Designed by care, driven by his vision of the company, this plan shall be his great-work, and the employees would not understand, know, internally, that he does not take care of itself for its realization.

Be deemed “too old” is not the only disability of the boss of Michelin, it is also clearly too appreciated by his troops to leave too quickly.

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