Medellín: Works of Art Will Be Auctioned to Pay Student Tuition – Education – Life

“Share art, share education” is the slogan of the second Solidarity Art Auction, an initiative born from the CES Solidarity Fund (FSC). In this edition, the AH Fine Art Gallery is again an ally. The auction will have 102 works by national and international artists such as Francisco Antonio Cano, Nadín Ospina, Hugo Zapata, Alejandro Narváez, Edgar Negret, Omar Rayo, among other authors.

This initiative seeks to support FSC students to continue building opportunities from quality higher education.

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“The auction is one of the activities that we develop to strengthen the CES Solidarity Fund and to be able, through art, to share and build opportunities with the students of our University who need support to move forward.. With it, funds and donations are collected to contribute not only to access, but also to permanence in quality higher education processes”, commented Tatiana Molina Velásquez, head of the Sustainability Office.

The meeting is free and will take place on June 9, 2022 at the Teatro Universidad CES – Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo at 7:00 p.m.

The event will be today June 9, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the CES Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo University Theater, in the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellín. You can also attend virtually with prior registration on the page where you will also find the works that will be auctioned.

“Art will always promote education, it is an expression of knowledge, research, the study of history and illustration,” said Alberto Hugo Restrepo, founder of the AH Fine Art Gallery, who also added that this auction is a great strategy to allow more students to continue with their dreams and their studies, the invitation is to join, to bet on art and in turn on the educational and social development of the country.

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This time, it will feature 102 works in techniques such as painting, sculpture and engraving. The creations are from renowned national and international artists. One of the artists is the Colombian abstract sculptor Edgar Negret, who was one of the forerunners of abstractionist and geometric sculpture in Colombia in the mid-20th century.

The work of this renowned author is ‘Navegante’, an abstract aluminum sculpture painted red, folded and joined with screws.

Other artists that you will find at the auction are Francisco Antonio Cano, Nadín Ospina, Hugo Zapata, Alejandro Narváez, Jeison Sierra, Antonio Caro, Omar Rayo, Ramón Vásquez, John Jader Bedoya, José Ismael Rivera, Richard Carter, Franco Bonetti, Rodolfo Sánchez Lalinde, Álvaro Barrios, among others.

The prices of the works of this second edition range from 200 thousand pesos to 260 million pesos. In the first auction that took place in 2021, 32 works were sold.

“We hope that in this second edition we will exceed the amount raised in the first auction for the FSC. We also want to have a good audience, both in person and virtually, to promote art, culture and the work carried out by the CES Solidarity Fund”, assured Bernardo Gómez Cortés, coordinator of relations and fundraising at the institution.

The auction will be aimed at the general public interested in art. People with a sense of solidarity, to give young people with economic difficulties the opportunity to have access to a quality education and ensure their permanence in the academy and thus be able to give them a better future.

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