Media Info. Emmanuel Macron interviewed by Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Edwy Plenel: live match


The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron interviewed by Jean-Jacques Bourdin (back to the right) and Edwy Plenel (back left), April 15, 2018. (FRANCOIS GUILLOT / POOL) Chaillot’s theater has been transformed into a boxing ring the time of a muscular face to face between Emmanuel Macron , Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Edwy Plennel. An interview that was unlike any other. By choosing Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Edwy Plenel, Emmanuel Macron knew that pugnacity and aggressiveness would be at the rendezvous. It has been served. From 9 pm, the founder of Médiapart launched hostilities. Edwy Plenel: “You were mistaken about the name of your movement: you should have called it ‘In force’?” Emmanuel Macron: “Is it a question or a plea?” She has the look of a plea. The tone is set. Edwy Plenel will not stop editorializing his questions and Emmanuel Macron to point out to him: “You never ask factual questions” , regrets the President, who denounces a “intellectual dishonesty” . The blows are given on both sides. And the words used are sometimes very violent. As in this exchange on the independence of the tax administration. Emmanuel Macron: ” I also believe that in the past you could have suffered because you had decided to get rid of tax rules. prorio motu, the tax administration you to controlled. you paid and that’s fine as well. ” Allusion to the tax adjustment of more than four million euros inflicted on the Médiapart site for applying a reduced VAT rate, whereas it was at the time reserved for the paper press. There was the word “Shabby” pronounced by Edwy Plenel. “It’s unworthy of you” he then launched to the head of state. The tone is raised when the host of BFMTV evoked “Your friend Bernard Arnault” , insinuating the proximity of Emmanuel Macron with the billionaires. Emmanuel Macron: “I do not have any friends, you know the insinuations in life, it’s not a good thing, neither you nor I are judges around this table, you’re interviewers, I’m the president of the Republic and we are doing a democratic debate, you are interviewers and I am the President of the Republic. ” A sentence that echoes that pronounced a few minutes before by Edwy Plenel. Emmanuel Macron: “In Europe you have tax differences that create not fraud and that is where your reasoning, let me tell you, is wrong.” Formula that recalls the exchange between François Mitterrand and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing during the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election in 1981. Annoyed by the advice Jean-Jacques Bourdin gave him, Emmanuel Macron says: “Thank you for giving me instructions on what I should do” Jean-Jacques Bourdin who, like Edwy Plenel, has tried to never say “Mister President” he was giving “Emmanuel Macron” . Some will say, to belittle the presidential office. It is true that there was no deference, no solemnity, it was a match, a confrontation. But obviously Emmanuel Macron appreciated and has already planned the act two in a year.
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