The former "Russian bride" Lindsay Lohan, a scandalous American actress and singer, received a face from, presumably, from a refugee from Syria. This transmits the portal TMZ, publishing the evidence from the incident with the comment that Lohan seems to be. wins the prize in the category of the "strangest video" of the month. What is happening is not always possible to consider in detail, therefore, the publication provides a transcript of the emergency. Lindsay, being in Moscow, gets out of her car and approaches the family – two boys and their parents. According to the actress, they are Syrian refugees and they need help. Further, Lilo, speaking English and Arabic, accuses these people of selling children, at one point reproaching the couple that they are "destroying the Arab culture," and is trying to take away the children. What gets from their mother in the face. The video ends with a picture of Lohan's tear-stained face saying that she was only trying to save these poor boys. As RIA Novosti notes, it was LL's live broadcast in her Instagram, and later the video was removed from there. In addition, it is not very clear why TMZ decided that this is Moscow, on video – cars with European numbers, and, judging by the latest publications of the artist, she is now in Paris.https: // /? taken-by = lindsaylohanLL 32 years. Born in the Bronx, New York. I recorded two albums. Known for the film and the TV series “Underworld”, “Parent Trap”, “Choir” and “Anger Management”, “Mean Girls”, “Cool Georgia”, “Scary Movie 5”. harassment of weaklings. .


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