Media, Putin wants to kill Lukashenko for Belarusian troops – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 26 – The Kremlin has taken a decision on a radical “solution” to the problem of dragging Belarus into the war in Ukraine: eliminating President Alexander Lukashenko, or in any case forcing him to collaborate with a failed attack: he writes the US study center Robert Lansing Institute, which cites sources in the Russian military leadership.

“On instructions from Russian President Vladimir Putin upon his return from the last CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization, ed.) summit, Russian military intelligence may attempt in the coming days to pursue a scenario involving an assassination attempt on the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, or an impersonation of him with the aim of intimidating him into finally ordering his troops to engage directly in the war against Ukraine, alongside Russian troops,” the institute says in an article posted on its website .

The Russian military intelligence (GRU) is examining the scenario involving the killing of Lukashenko, following which his functions would be entrusted to the Secretary General of the CSTO, Sanislav Zas, a man loyal to Russia and under the control of the GRU.

According to the plot, Zas would then declare Belarus to join Russia as an autonomous entity, presumably to prevent the military threat from Ukraine and Poland.

A propaganda narrative according to which the attack on Lukashenko was engineered by Washington would therefore be “re-proposed”, underlines the institute.

In both scenarios – whether it is an assassination attempt or a failed assassination attempt on Lukashenko – fabricated “evidence” of the “involvement of Ukraine and Poland under the guidance of NATO intelligence” would be presented, which would offer a pretext formal for the participation of Belarusian troops in combat operations on the territory of Ukraine. (HANDLE).



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