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After an increasing number of quality defects were found in various Corona test centers in recent weeks, the Health, Social and Integration Directorate (GSI) has defined uniform requirements for these test providers.

This affects test centers that are not operated by a pharmacy, doctor’s practice or laboratory at one of their operating locations in the canton of Bern. They must report to GSI with immediate effect. The existing test centers should do this by Friday, October 15th. A corresponding registration form is available on the website ready for it.

The existing and new test centers are required to provide information on, among other things, the person responsible for the subject, the operating company, the location of the test center and the laboratory for molecular biological analyzes.

In addition, all test centers must meet certain requirements for operation. For example, both rapid antigen tests and molecular biological analyzes must be offered. The canton strongly recommends the use of rapid nasopharyngeal tests and not rapid nasal tests for rapid tests.

If swabs are taken, a doctor or pharmacist must also be present on site at any time during opening hours.

The new regulations will come into force on October 18, 2021 and compliance with them will be monitored.

These measures are intended to guarantee quality in the test centers. It is important to the canton to have a contact person in the various test centers in order, for example, to efficiently communicate changes.

Further requirements for test centers can be found in the leaflet.

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