Media report: No Arp extension at HSV – way clear for Bayern?


After being quiet about Jann-Fiete Arp recently, there is now news from the Storm Jewel. According to a media report, the attacker will not renew his contract in Hamburg. Is now the way finally free for Bayern? News of 18 May 2018 Finally it has become quiet about Jann-Fiete Arp. The shooting star of Hamburger SV was last, after he was flu sick, only used in the U19 and wrote by the way his high school diploma. Now, however, there is news from the 18-year-olds. According to image The attacker does not extend his contract with Hamburger SV. Since this only runs until 2019, HSV could only get a replacement for Arp this summer or in the winter transfer period 2018/19. The hottest candidate for a commitment of the top talent is still Bayern. Behind Robert Lewandowski and Sandro Wagner, Arp could be cautiously advanced to higher tasks. After it is clear that the U-national player in Hamburg is not renewed, a change could now quickly go over the stage. Until recently, the HSV had hoped that the own plant binds to the HSV long term. HSV coach Christian Titz, who had already worked with Arp in the U17, was considered a pawn. Now instead of Titz soon Niko Kovac could be the new coach of the attacker. By the way: In the following article you read how to finish the cup final on Saturday, May 19, 2018, can see in the livestream , News of April 11, 2018 Jann-Fiete Arp and Bayern. This rumor has been around for some time now – but now the youngster should have decided! As the Sports picture Arp is scheduled to switch to FC Bayern this summer – but only if the Hamburger SV descends. Allegedly, those responsible at HSV already know that the 18-year-old will not renew his 2019 expiring contract if the Hamburger do not hold the class. Bayern would probably have to pay eight million euros transfer fee for Arp. How exactly the record champion plans with the attacker, however, is not yet clear. The fact is: with Robert Lewandowski and Sandro Wagner would have two strikers of world-class format in front of him – and thus little chance of deployment times. Therefore, the youngster would apparently be awarded promptly, so he can collect match practice. Similarly, it has the FC Bayern Serge Gnabry made – and has become at TSG Hoffenheim recently developed magnificently , News of March 28, 2018 The HSV is currently setting everything in motion so that Jann-Fiete Arp (18) remains the club. As the Sports picture reported, he is the only one in the squad the opportunity to specifically tailored to him individual training, whose time frame he can even co-determine. Arp is currently preparing for his high school exams. Hamburg has submitted a deal to its storm gem by 2023 and hopes that Arp will sign. But he wants to wait and see if HSV stays in the league, knows the tide. For advice Arp also asked his mentor Christian Titz (46), who recently rose to head coach at the Hanseatic League. This advised him to stay and to a later change in two years. Until then, he wanted to make sure that Arp will be optimally funded in Hamburg. Most recently Arp under Titz was always a start-up candidate. The problem on sight for Arp: Titz is probably no longer head coach at the northern lights. Does Arp not only attribute his fate to relegation, but also to his youth coach? Arps contract runs until 2019. This summer, HSV could therefore last time collect a larger transfer fee for him. So come the Bayern into the game? News from March 21, 2018 Young forward Jann-Fiete Arp from Hamburger SV has, according to information from the image (Wednesday) rejected an offer from the football record champions FC Bayern. The 18-year-old wanted to first wait for the development in Hamburg. Arp has a good relationship with the new head coach Christian Titz, with whom he has worked together in his youth. In the first Bundesliga game under Titz against Hertha BSC (1: 2) last Saturday Arp was in the HSV starter. The bottom of the table from Hamburg had already offered Arp a long-term contract. The current contract of the highly talented footballer runs until 2019. News of 19 March 2018 The closer the HSV’s first descent is in history, the more likely it is to sell its most talented and expensive players. After information of the portal Fuß, based on sources from the environment of the new HSV leadership, FC Bayern Munich is said to have secured a particularly coveted piece of Hamburg silverware: Jan-Fiete Arp, Sturmjuwel and Under-17 international, should already next summer on the Säbener road switch. HSV-internally, this should already be considered safe: Finally, the club in case of relegation is forced to retract revenue in the million range. In the case of Arp summer would be one of the last possibilities: The contract of Sturm-Talents expires in 2019, at this time he would get free transfer. In the championship Arp, who scored two goals this season in 16 games, would not directly intended for a place in the star ensemble. Instead, the Bayern plan to give the super talent first for a season. The youngster could collect playing practice with an ambitious Bundesliga club, for example. Similarly, Bayern were in the last summer in the commitment of Serge Gnabry proceeded, which is on loan to TSG Hoffenheim this season. An Arp transfer would fit well into the grid of FC Bayern. With Joshua Kimmich, Kingsley Coman or Niklas Süle FCB bought over the past few years again auspicious talents, before these could mature to absolute superstars. A financially lucrative way, the Bayern want to continue: A commitment by Jan-Fiete Arp, the five at the U17 World Cup in India five goals in five games would be a consistent step in this respect. News of March 7, 2018 Will Bayern secure the services of HSV Storm Jewel Fiete Arp? According to Hamburger morning mail Munich have the best cards to bring the 18-year-old from Hamburg to the Isar. Secretly, quietly and quietly, according to MOPO, FC Bayern have taken pole position in poker for Arp. The wire in the negotiations is always a short one. Bavaria’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic maintains the very best relations with Arps consultant Jürgen Milewski, who supervised him throughout his entire career. In the future, Bayern want to rely on talents anyway and develop them into top players. Arp fits in well with the concept. Bayern Munich: All transfer rumors in the summer of 2018 at a glance Which player will the record champion pick? Who leaves the Bavarians? We have all transfer rumors about FC Bayern Munich summarized in summer 2018 , Update from 2 November 2017 : Which player will the record champion bring in the winter break? From the 1st to the 31st of January FCB can again sign up new players. We have again all current transfer rumors about Bayern Munich summarized , News from 10th October 2017 Whether one does the boy a favor by praising him over the green clover, is once put there. But it is clear: Fiete Arp from Hamburger SV is considered a real storm jewel. Just 17 years old, debuted their own crop last matchday for Hamburger SV in the Nordderby against Werder Bremen. He is thus the first player in the Bundesliga, who was born in the new millennium (January 6, 2000). Jann Fiete Arp shows grip: “Money is not everything” Already in summer the list of potential customers was big. Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus or Borussia Dortmund – Arp could have chosen his new employer. But the youngster, who has passed through all youth departments at HSV since the age of ten until the B-Jugend, for which he is currently eligible to play, decided to extend his contract with the Bundesliga Dino until 2019. “It simply would not have made sense to go to Chelsea as a 17-year-old,” he explained with astonishingly sober expression, emphasizing: “Football is daily business. It can be over every day. Nobody can take you the high school diploma anymore. Money should not matter at my age. ” However, one is generally aware of the Elbe that Arps career path is probably not in the forelegs, based on the example of Uwe Seelers, who always kept his HSV loyalty. Arp is the proud owner of the Fritz Walter Medal , which the DFB annually awards to its most promising young talent, and is thus in a row with today’s world stars such as Toni Kroos and Mario Götze. Adviser comments on the interest of Bayern to Arp Currently he is staying with the U-17 national team at the World Cup in India – should he prove his hit rate there, the list of potential buyers should not be shorter. Is it after the Italian transfer rumors page , also has the FC Bayern Munich already stretched out its antennae after the “millennium striker”, as Arp is already celebrated by the Hamburger Boulevard. “A baby starter in the sights” the Italian colleagues write about the interest of the record champion, who is in the front row of the interested parties. Transfer rumors and current news: Which players are talking to FC Bayern Munich? And what about the rumor? Nothing, if you believe Jürgen Milewski. He is Arps consultant and says about the Bayern interest: “I know nothing about that.” Opposite the Hamburger MOPO said the agent, who is the first point of contact in future issues: “Fiete has just extended. At the given time, we will certainly talk to HSV. ” WhatsApp News about FC Bayern on the phone for free: offers a special service for FCB fans. You regularly get the latest news about the Reds directly via WhatsApp on your smartphone. And this for free: Login here !


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