Media: Savchenko could be accused of training military coup in Ukraine

Media: Savchenko could be accused of training military
 coup in Ukraine

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KIEV, March 13 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The Verkhovna Rada deputy, Nadezhda Savchenko, faces charges of preparing a military coup in Ukraine, the Internet publication ” “referring to sources in the law enforcement agencies.
Savchenko supported Ruban in court The other day the Security Service of Ukraine summoned Savchenko for questioning on the case of Vladimir Ruban, leader of the Center for the Release of Prisoners “Officers Corps”, suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Kiev. “” writes about the details of the charges, which will soon be presented to Ruban. “However, according to our information, he is far from being the main person involved in this case, the main blow will be inflicted on a completely different person,” the publication reads.
The publication specifies that this will be Savchenko, also under the blow may be some of the opposition politicians with whom she contacted. According to sources, Savchenko about six months ago came into contact with high-ranking officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate headed by Major Pavel Balov (call sign “Cedar”). They allegedly made it clear “that patriotic officers are” unhappy “with the corrupt government in the country and under certain circumstances promised to help overthrow the anti-people regime.”
Opinion: Savchenko became a threat to the “machine of destruction” of Ukraine According to the publication, the military asked Savchenko to find a man who will bring weapons from the Donbass. She suggested Ruban, who in November had already transported a batch of weapons from the People’s Republic of Germany, and was detained with the second party. “But of course, officials will argue that it was not the military that prompted Savchenko to organize an uprising in Kiev, but she urged the military to take part in this, actually recruiting them,” the source said. The investigation in support of this version plans to publish a large amount of audio and video evidence.
The interlocutor of “” believes that this could be a provocation from law enforcement officers who sent military men to Savchenko.
Earlier, the deputy of the Rada, Andrei Teteruk, suggested that Savchenko could flee to Russia. The deputy herself said that she was in Strasbourg at a session of the European Parliament.

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