Media stars from the CSSD are attacking! You are no longer embarrassed, Zdechovský asks

Czech Social Democratic Party has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and in addition to the period of communist rule in the last century in our country it has always belonged to a significant political force. But for the last three years it has lost its luster and a steadfast constituency.

This is mainly due to its current chairman Jan Hamáček, and therefore the entire presidency of the party, which repeatedly elected him to the position. This is despite the fact that the outflow of voters is demonstrably related to the retention of the CSSD in the government with Andrej Babiš.

Thin red line

How many times have we heard from CSSD representatives about crossing a thin red line? Almost every time just before the ruling top YES moved her another imaginarily insurmountable step. A right-wing citizen and apparently even the left-wing voter perceives this line long beyond the carrying capacity limit. And that is why he turns away from the CSSD. Because its most visible personalities – Chairman Hamáček and Vice-President Maláčová – pretend that the insurmountable line has not moved anywhere during the years of symbiosis with ANO. However, its importance has moved into the online world, where it became one of the most widely used rumors, which is ridiculed by CSSD critics.

The party leadership is well aware that it is struggling to survive these days. The current president, Miloš Zeman, raised the CSSD to extraordinary success, Vladimír Špidla moved it to social pragmatism, and Jiří Paroubek was also a successful chairman. However, the rescue will now not come from former prominent personalities or Martians, let alone from Prague Castle.

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Voters will not change their orientation just to save the traditional credible party from final collapse. And the current chairman, Jan Hamáček, can be responsible for this. In the internal party elections, he suppressed young blood and the traditional party became incomprehensible to voters. The CSSD must save itself. How? Apparently the current leadership has no idea. Otherwise, what we are witnessing could not have happened on the social networks of party members in recent days.

Maláčová blames YES

The leader for Prague Jana Maláčová reports on Facebook: “The Social Democracy rejects the freezing of salaries of civil servants and at the same time an increase in the salaries of constitutional officials by 6% from 1 January 2022. This outrage is the fault of @AndrejBabis and the YES movement. Did the hacker attack the social networks? Or perhaps she forgot in the belief of pre-election events in the role of a camelot at metro stations that The CSSD has held YES and Andrej Babiš with the government for almost the last 8 years?

She didn’t forget! Similarly, he began to profile his views as well Jan Hamáček, who said for “YES and the ODS flirt together, people will pay for it.” Pretending to divert the CSSD from Andrej Babiš is supposed to be just right “TEN” strategic attempt to save 5% of voterswho could secure the party positions in the Chamber of Deputies. And also to collect much-needed funds from the state treasury. Jan Hamáček took a look at lecos from his colleague Andrej Babiš – for example, the traditional slogan in the crisis that the best defense is an attack. However boss YES has a strategy thought out a few steps forward and has adapted to external communication.

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V tom the head of the CSSD is fundamentally limping and the criticized messages on the networks look like that. MEP Tomáš Zdechovský from the TOTAL coalition commented this absurd rescue effort of the government party very aptly on twitter: “It simply came to our notice then. He who repeatedly enjoys orgy with # ano2011, he has to come up with a story about alleged flirting with @ODScz. That @jhamacek and the whole @CSSD is no longer embarrassing to you. Didn’t they teach you at home not to lie? ”

WHERE NOW: Babiš junior wants to clean up. Why the police are not acting and does the Prime Minister ignore his son’s statement? Is there a plan for his next disappearance?



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