Media You Are Wanted

Media You Are Wanted

Matthias Schweighöfer is again for six episodes the plagued hotel manager Lukas Franke, who has lost all his identity to digital predator. Amazon Prime has launched the second season of the series “You are Wanted” and hopes to resonate again.
He is the showrunner, and he loves the role. Matthias Schweighofer occupied in and behind the series “You are Wanted” the key positions. They make him indispensable.
The 37-year-old is co-managing director of the manufacturing company Pantaleon. He is also in the role of the hotel manager Lukas Franke leading actor and together with Bernhard Jasper responsible for the direction – more is not possible.
In German private TV or in public service television, where careful attention is paid to the separation of powers, this fulminant super-dominance of an individual would hardly have been possible with Amazon Prime Video. The US-based streaming service provider has chosen Matthias Schweighöfer to convince serial fans among its customers of the title “Made in Germany”. And that was probably Schweighöfer just the thing.
The jack of all trades, born in 1981 in the small town of Anklam, high up in the north of the GDR, managed to set clear signs with the first round of the thriller series “You are Wanted”. The series booked in the German -speaking space the highest click rates of all Amazon series ever. Exact numbers will not be left out as usual. Also Schweighöfer does not know her own information. Reason enough for the release provider Season 2 nachzuschieben. And that’s on from this Friday to see.
At the beginning of the second season, Schweighöfer reduced all other figures to two-to-third-tier figures: Be it the well-meaning and forgiving wife Hanna (Alexandra Maria Lara), whom he reluctantly introduces to his secrets, be it his brother Thomas (Jörg Pintsch ), who stands up for his brother like no other in the world, be it the investigator Sandra Jensen (Catrin Striebeck), who in spite of her cold-bloodedness and bear biting, must pay tribute to the pace of the main character.
But here, the protagonist first raises his hands defensively: “In the new season, I have strongly aligned the plot to the women,” contradicts Schweighöfer. “Since I have to buckle up, that I’m not too short. The second episode is filled with new characters and colors and all the trappings. “The role of the movie woman in particular gains in complexity:” What Alexandra deducts in season two, I find the most glaring work I’ve ever seen of her. ”
Who has seen season one until the end, knows: The poor Lukas, whose identity was completely occupied by hackers, was after six times 50 minutes on the verge of telling the world on WikiLeaks the password, the access to the course top secret program “Burning Man “allows, which gets every man under control. Sure thing: whether he succeeds, was no longer visible. So typical case of Cliffhanger. If there had been no series extension of Amazon Prime, the progress would probably have remained unclear.
But this is how the tense rushing begins: Lukas, again in the hands of his captors, hangs on a rope in a van, but he loosens the shackles, falls backwards, flees through the forest, his pursuers shoot him. He escapes injured and ends up in psychiatry, where the desperate wife hugs him. Together they decide to flee to southern France. The brother gives them a car – which, however, turns out to be manipulated. In the accident, the little son is injured.
In hospital, the BND takes up the persecution of Luke. Instead of the south of France and perhaps well deserved rest with wife and family, it is once again for Lukas: hood up and flee alone. True to the motto, the Schweighöfer spent before streaming start his series: “Even faster, more exciting and even more breathtaking” than the first. Who thinks that “You are Wanted” after a sufficiently long evaluation time in the streaming portal then one day in Free-TV lands, should not be happy too soon. According to Amazon, no broadcasting on linear television is currently planned.
And what does Schweighöfer say about a possible sequel to a third season? “We have to be prepared. Maybe she will come – maybe not. I try to stay excited and relaxed. “

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