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Medical examination in Moscow confirmed that the health of the crew of the Union MS-10 is all right

MOSCOW, October 13. / Tass /. An additional medical examination in Moscow confirmed that the health of the crew of the Soyuz MS-10 crew after the Soyuz-FG missile accident is all right. This was announced on Saturday Tass source in the rocket and space industry.

“The crew immediately upon arrival in Moscow underwent an additional medical examination, which confirmed that everything is in order with them,” the agency’s source said.

NASA astronaut Nick Haig will soon fly to the US, and Roskosmos cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin will continue to work in Star City, the source said.

“The crew has already met with the commission at Baikonur, they also spoke with the astronauts immediately after the meeting at the airport in Moscow. Nick Haig will fly to the US soon. need minimal information, "- said the agency interlocutor.

According to him, Ovchinin "will continue to work in Star City". “He has undergone medical research, everything is in order with him. Now, as necessary, he will meet with the emergency commission. Then his further assignment will be decided when the flight program becomes clear, crew assignments are changed,” the source said.

The search and rescue service showed excellent work during the Soyuz-FG missile accident, having found it in the steppes of Kazakhstan and delivering the crew of the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft to Baikonur in just three hours, a source said. "The search and rescue service worked clearly, no delays, literally three hours passed, and the crew was already at Baikonur," the agency’s source said.

The Soyuz FG launch vehicle with the Soyuz MS-10 manned spacecraft launched on Thursday from the first launch site of Baikonur (the Gagarinsky launch), the launch was carried out at 11:40 Moscow time. On board the ship heading for the International Space Station, were Alexei Ovchinin (commander of the Union MS-10) and Nick Haig. During the flight of the Soyuz rocket, a carrier crashed, after which the crew switched to the ballistic descent mode.

The rescue capsule of the Union MS-10 landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan. After the evacuation from the landing site and the medical examination in Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan, the crew was taken to the Krayny airfield near Baikonur, the condition of the astronauts is assessed as satisfactory. This is the first in 35 years of an emergency with carriers of this type.


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