The Directorate of Health in Assiut, on Wednesday, a preventive team to conduct a field survey in the village of Drenke, the center of Assiut after the emergence of a child infected with measles, Dr. Osama Hijazi, director of the Department of Basic Care and Preventive Medicine Directorate of Health, immediately discovered the case of the child " A one-year-old German measles team was formed a team from the Directorate of Health and Health Administration in the center of Assiut to conduct a field survey to take random samples of children in the village and sent to the laboratories of the Ministry of Health. The samples taken from the girl positive and are now receiving treatment With She said that the German measles disease is a viral disease accompanied by high body temperature and accompanied by rash and infection by spray, respiratory system and nurseries, ranging from 14 to 14 years. And 21 days, usually 18 days, and the infected contagious in the period of one week before the onset of rash to 4 days after the emergence and acquires permanent immunity after recovery from the disease.


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