medical interns on strike for a pay rise

Published on : 03/07/2022 – 02:46

The association of medical students announced on Friday July 1 that the interns are now on strike for an indefinite period. The latter are demanding an increase in their pre-salary, the remuneration they receive during their internships. While the Malagasy president announced in May a salary increase, especially for civil servants, medical interns regret having been excluded from this measure, while the country is facing high inflation.

From our correspondent in Antananarivo,

13 % pre-salary increaselike the other civil servants: this is what medical interns. The response from the Ministry of Health, that it would transmit their request to the Council of Ministers, did not help to ease tensions. ” We too are touched by price increase. We have always been automatically affected by the salary increases announced by the Head of State in other years. “, explains Benjamin Rakotoarindimby, intern in one of the university hospitals of Antananarivo and member of the association of interns of Madagascar.

The amount of pre-salaries for trainees in the seventh and eighth years is approximately 500,000 ariary, or 120 euros. ” Considering our level of study, it is very little. We are part of the pillars that keep hospitals going and running, so we cannot continue to work without this increase. We are always told that the state budget for health is low », laments another eighth-grade intern who wishes to remain anonymous.

For the time being, the disturbances in the hospitals of Antananarivo remain less, according to the doctors contacted. This is also described by nurses from one of the maternities. But the impacts could be greater if the strike becomes widespread, since interns represent at least 30% of the staff of the establishments. The latter have planned a sit-in on Monday July 4 at the HJRA, the country’s largest hospital.

Request for payment for the month of June

The decision to increase the pre-salaries does not rest with the Ministry of Health, indicates the communication of the latter: “ Pre-salaries and salaries are not treated the same way, so pre-salaries do not benefit from the 13 increase % advertised », says the ministry. Because the decision must involve the Ministry of Finance and that of the Public Service, according to the latter.

The interns of Antananarivo also claim the payment of their pre-salaries for the month of June. A payment which is in progress, informs the Ministry of Health, which also underlines that the payment of the pre-salaries of May and June for the provinces of Diego-Suarez (North) and Tuléar (South-West) are also in progress at the level of the Ministry of Finance.

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