Medical student among the 10 best interns in the North region of Colombia – Opinion Caribe

The Universidad del Magdalena stood out among the finalists for the Ascofame 2022 Best Intern Award, a recognition granted by the Colombian Association of Faculties of Medicine to students in the professional internship stage who demonstrate excellence, professionalism, and humanism in their higher education.

This was possible thanks to the excellent performance of one of the students of the Medicine Program of the Alma Mater. This is Hillary Pinto Vásquez, who was selected as one of the 10 best interns in the North region, along with young people from the University of Cartagena, del Norte, Libre de Barranquilla, Simón Bolívar and Cooperativa de Colombia de Santa Marta.

The semifinal stage of the contest consisted of solving, in three hours, an exam of 164 questions in basic and clinical areas, diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases, through the Moodle technological platform. In addition, the academic resume, the publication of scientific documents and the participation in research projects, cultural and social activities were taken into account.

“The previous readings, the study of scientific articles and the previous knowledge acquired at the University helped me to achieve this. The University of Magdalena has been characterized by having very good medical students, good quality teachers and a very good pedagogy (…) the fact that our teachers put us in clinical situations where we can imagine a real scenario helps us a lot”, said student Hillary Pinto.

Likewise, the outstanding young woman recognized the advantages of the Medicine Program and that have allowed her to stand out in this important event, such as the High Quality Accreditation that she received from the National Accreditation Council – CNA in December 2021.

It should be noted that there were 864 students from the 55 faculties affiliated with the Association who participated in the initial phase, of which only 60 interns made it to the final. Unlike previous versions, in which the exam was presented in a hospital, this time it will be carried out entirely in English through the i-Human Patients simulation software, which will also allow the assessment of mastery of a second language.

In this sense, the Multilingualism Center of this House of Higher Studies prepares the student in the foreign language to achieve the best results next Saturday, May 14, when it will be measured against another 59 internal students from the Center regions, North, Coffee Region, Antioquia, South and East.

“The Program has always tried to support us and demonstrate the quality it has (…) this is a motivation for my other colleagues and the other generations to come, so that they have that sense of belonging, not only because of the University and the Program, but for being better every day”, assured Pinto Vásquez. Likewise, after the invitation made by Ascofame for its associated faculties to participate, this academic unit was in charge of formalizing the call to all its internship students from the beginning.

The future doctor is in her rotating internship stage since December 1, 2021, developing her cycle of professional practices at the Santander University Hospital in the city of Bucaramanga, where she entered thanks to the teaching-service agreement that UNIMAGDALENA maintains with this entity. .