Medical students in the square in Genoa ask for more training – Liguria

Two hundred future ‘white coats’, resume internships

(ANSA) – GENOA, 08 OCT – A simple slogan: “Take care of who will treat you” to ask that medical students can return to do internships in the ward and to ask for a better organization of lessons that is penalizing especially the “outside” site”. These are, in short, the reasons for the protest that brought several hundred medical students to Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa, who wore white coats to turn the spotlight on their situation.

“It is a discomfort that we have been experiencing for two years now – says Ilaria, a 5th year student – because our university is not training us adequately. Communications do not work, always given at the last moment, internships have already been postponed. three times in the last two years. And this is a problem that does not concern only the students because one day you will find us on medical attention without adequate preparation “. Students ask to be “respected” by all those involved in the organization of the courses and to resume internships as soon as possible. (HANDLE).


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