Medical Students, Nurse, and Veteran Help Against Covid-19

Medical students, a nurse and a veteran work as volunteers for the Villa Mara regional COE, where they perform a triage at the Hospital Pasteur upon admission to the institution, to determine the priority of care and to differentiate the access circuit of people with disabilities. febrile syndromes; in the framework of the health response to coronavirus.

Triage is the classification that is made on admission and, in this case, consists of the measurement of body temperature, investigation of symptoms and general evaluation of the health situation of people who enter the hospital, which allows defining the priority of care.

The action -which started about a week ago- is carried out by advanced students of the medical and nursing careers of the National University of Villa Mara. Also participating is Mario Ponce, veteran of the Falklands war.

It should be noted that these volunteers received training from the Hospital infectologists, Soledad Frola and Noelia Carreo, as well as the head of the Villa Mara Volunteer Fire Department, Gustavo Nicola.


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