Medical students practice with robotic mannequins

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The University of Morón added a simulation center for the Higher School of Health Sciences of the institution which, as explained, It is one of the most advanced in the Province of Buenos Aires.

It has dozens of low, medium and high fidelity “robotic” mannequins that can simulate various situations so that medical students can practice the treatments that they must apply depending on the case.

Obtaining the mannequins meant a significant investment by the university, since they had to be brought through a company of North American origin and all the elements had to be imported.

“It is a simulation center that meets all the requirements so that students can do their internships and acquire technical and diagnostic skills,” he explains. Juan Carlos Ortega placeholder image, academic secretary of the University’s Higher School of Health Sciences, and adds, “There is a high-fidelity mannequin where various pathologies are represented, such as cardiac and respiratory, and the boys can experience a simulated clinical situation and apply the criteria clinical for each pathology “.

The purpose of the simulations is for medical students to learn with the dummies and develop technical skills so that later, when they have to practice with a real patient, errors are minimized. Newly once technical skill is acquired they go to hospitals and carry out clinical practice.

The simulation center was launched on March 15 and has four rooms, for clinical simulation of high fidelity, specific simulation and low fidelity, pre-briefing, feedback and debriefing room and a teachers room.

“The simulation room has an area where the mannequin of high Fidelity. There the clinical simulations are done for students to develop clinical and therapeutic diagnostic skills, then we have another room, from low fidelity, where are the mannequins to develop technical skillsFor example, the practice of venipuncture, lumbar puncture, diagnosis of breast pathologies, gynecological pathologies … That is, each mannequin represents a part of the body and that part is seen from normality to pathology, because certain elements are added to the mannequin who pretend to have a pathology, “says Ortega.

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“There is another room, which also functions as a classroom, where there is a projector and the boys watch their classmates work in the other rooms, they have cameras, and then they discuss the case, if the boys acted right or wrong. There is also a fourth room, the staff room, where the mannequins are stored“, keep going.

Clinical and therapeutic diagnostic skills are developed.

The simulations, which vary in level of complexity, are used by medical students of all years, using the most complex ones mainly for students in the last years of their studies.

So far, those who started using the simulation center are the students who are doing the final practice, for which they use the high-fidelity and advanced mannequins.

“The simulation, which is already an obligation in all universities, makes the boys practice and acquire technical skills first on mannequins and later move on with much greater security to real cases. The students are very happy, because they know that if they make mistakes they can do it again and there is no consequence, “concludes the doctor.



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