Medicare targets € 1 billion in savings in 2022

By with AFP

Medicare only plans to save one billion euros in 2022, half less than what it aspired to each year before the arrival of the Covid-19

The Medicare deficit for 2021 should largely resemble that of last year (30.4 billion in 2020, 31 billion in 2021), and the same will be true for the amount of savings expected to slow down the inexorable rise in health spending.

In its traditional “Expenses and income” report submitted each year upstream of the Social Security budget presented in the fall, the National Health Insurance Fund is aiming for 1.01 billion euros in savings in 2022. It was set 1.07 billion for 2021 and 2.07 billion in 2020.

Drugs in the viewfinder

Better uses of certain drugs, promotion of generics, fight against fraud… The levers listed in this document are essentially the same as the previous year.

The most important results are expected on prescriptions for drugs and medical devices, to the tune of 490 million euros. With in particular in the viewfinder: inhibitors of the proton pump (drugs against heartburn), paracetamol, the use of which is becoming “commonplace” and antidepressants, “widely prescribed in those over 75 years of age to treat moderate to severe depression ”,“ despite the low level of evidence for their effectiveness ”. The promotion of generics should save 45 million euros. Medicare also hopes to save 150 million euros through actions to fight against fraud and abuse.

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Like last year, no savings target the hospital or antibiotics. The barrier gestures having visibly cut the road to winter epidemics, Medicare proposes to promote, next winter, the maintenance of “good habits”.

But in view of the record deficit of the health branch recorded in 2020, which should remain at a comparable level in 2021, “the question of the financial sustainability of the scheme arises”, she warns, deeming it necessary to support, on the long-term transformation of the health system.