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Medicines not to take because they have more risks for our health than they are beneficial

by archyw

Many of us tend to take drugs even without a prescription and doctor’s advice. This is a serious mistake that could be very expensive. In fact, often taking that drug can be more harmful than useful.
In this article we explain which drugs should not be taken because they have more risks for our health than benefits.
Every year, the black list of drugs not to be taken is published by the French NGO Prescendere.
Prescgere is an independent association that has been operating since 2010 and also analyzes the risk-benefit of medicines sold in the European Community. Every year it publishes an updated list of drugs that should be avoided, because according to their studies the disadvantages outweigh the positive effects.
The evaluation is performed with a rigorous procedure and through documented research.
But prescribing is not limited only to this, because when a drug rejection occurs, doctors indicate an effective alternative therapy with few health risks.

Here are the drugs not to take because they have more risks for our health than they are beneficial

Among the many drugs not recommended in a recent study, we mention a few:

Cough suppressants

Medicines such as Muxol whose active ingredient is ambroxol, and Bisolvon with bromhexine.
Cough mucolytics could create a placebo effect and lead to severe and sometimes life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, such as polymorphic erythema.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

Diclofenac, ie Voltaren, taken by mouth would lead to an increase in cardiovascular risks, such as myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Oral and nasal decongestants

Ephedrine, oxymetazoline, naphazoline, pseudoephedrine, tuaminoheptane are vasoconstrictors and could cause serious cardiovascular disorders, sometimes even fatal and ischemic colitis.

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Inhaled mannitol (Bronchitol) for mucolytic purposes would be contraindicated in cases of cystic fibrosis and could lead to bronchospasm and hemoptysis.


Pholcodine, like Biocaliptol or other, is an opioid and is used to treat coughs.
Its use could lead to a risk of sensitization to curare, used under general anesthesia.

For weight gain drugs such as Xenical, it is recommended to avoid their use and it is recommended that you change your lifestyle by taking physical activity, diet and psychological support.

These drugs, according to the studies of the association, appear to have a modest and temporary efficacy.

Cramp medications can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, photo dermatitis, and seizures. They are genotoxic and teratogenic, could harm the fetus and cause miscarriage.

Some osteoporosis treatments should not be done. We mention the strontium ranelatio (Protelos). It could cause neurological and cardiovascular problems.

We have limited ourselves to reporting the news and now we will see if there will be developments following these studies and if some control body will confirm these hypotheses or not.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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