Medicines with valsartan: the list of medicines recalled –


New drug recalls based on valsartan were announced Thursday, November 29 by the Agency for the drug because of the presence of a second substance classified as probable carcinogen.One pharmaceutical companies are concerned by these recalls. Outages are expected, already warned the ANSM. With the ordered recall in July and this one, three-quarters of these drugs used in heart failure, high blood pressure and after a recent heart attack are affected.

Between 1.2 and 1.5 million patients in France follow this treatment. ANSM set up a toll-free number in July to answer questions from patients and their families (0800 97 14 03).


    Continue treatmentThe Agence du médicament recalls that one should not stop treatment. Do not worry if the medicine you are taking is not on the list. If you are concerned by this reminder, "you should consult your doctor who will decide the course of action for a change of treatment." "Pending this consultation, you must under no circumstances interrupt your treatment with valsartan. many alternatives to valsartan are available in France, which allow the effective management of all patients ", reassures the Agency.
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