Meditech Congress: the future of medicine is already here

“Welcome to the future of medicine”. This could well be the sign to hang at the entrance of the Meditech Congress.

We are talking about the first event that will bring together all the technology, innovation and research development in the world of Health, throughout southern Europe and Latin America. A health congress in this 2023 that aims to revolutionize the way of doing and researching in medicine and was held in Madrid, in the IFEMA fairground.

For three days, from February 9 to 11, the Health and the Technology have a date in Meditech Congress Spain and an objective: unite to show all attendees what are the paths to follow in the future. To put on the table, proposals, projects and other innovations that may Save lifes or make medical work simpler and more technological.

because the technology and their advances should be seen as a tool more than aid to medicine and that our Health is better and reaches more corners and diseases, the IFEMA Meditech Congress offers a trade show.

This will be the meeting point between professionals and companies in the sector who want to know, first-hand, the latest news and trends in medical technology.

A HUB or logistics center where visitors, experts, sponsors and exhibitors to share knowledge and seek new ways of innovation in healthcare.

He Meditech Congress is “the opportunity for learn and share trends in digitization, transformation and leadership in the European and Latin American market” because “innovation in technology is increasingly essential”, especially in the health sector.

“There is a latent need for health in general to be able to offer the best service with the best tools”, explain the organizers.

In it Meditech Congress Spain There are not only exhibitors, but their organizers offer a parallel offer focused on the “dissemination of knowledge, training and strategic vision.

In short, the Meditech Congress offers “a forum” or health congress where “professionals, industry and sector agents will share real concerns”. This is what they have called the Scientific Congress.

Thus, health professionals and companies from the Technology and Health sector will attend in “a meeting point as innovation epicenter of the latest developments in medical technology”, to make it easier to get networking between the professionals and startups.

Thanks to expertsboth national and international, from February 9 to 11, multiple conferences where it will be shown to the world which are “real concerns” in Health and “know the best proposals for innovation in health technology”.

And the Meditech Congress Spain has a digital component because all the presentations are broadcast on streaming to have a greater transfer of ideas with other markets on the international scene, especially in Latin America.

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