Europe has long sealed itself off: Will Europe be Overrun by Refugees from North Africa? No. Europe has been increasingly transformed into a fortress since autumn 2015, as our graphic shows.

Fewer deaths at sea mean more deaths in the desert: What it means to turn African countries into bouncers of migration: whoever gets caught, has to go back. That's why people choose even more dangerous routes.

Why does not dying stop? The Mediterranean remains a mass grave for migrants. Which routes are there for refugees, who provides help and why are there always problems?

Fewer helpers mean more deaths: Private rescue ships in the Mediterranean help smugglers, claim EU politicians. But an evaluation of the position data shows: The helpers stick to the rules.

On Europe's new border: In order to hold refugees, Europe is shifting its borders and does not shy away from dark business. The defensive zones reach as far as West Africa.

"We will never bring her back to hell": Italy has submitted the coordination of the sea rescue operation on the Mediterranean Sea to the Libyan Coast Guard. This brings rescuers into a legal and moral conflict.

"Migrants are a business model for many Libyans": Tortured and enslaved – Migrants experience inhumane life in Libya. There are no rules to stop the smugglers, says migration expert Leonard Doyle.



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