“Meester Frank”, the minister who annoys (almost) everyone

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A brilliant mind, but under fire from critics after each consultation committee.

From the first meetings, the tensions appeared. They are duplicated from Codeco to Codeco. Released from his retirement in October 2020 by Conner Rousseau, the president of the Flemish Socialists, the new Federal Minister of Health, the stainless Frank Vandenbroucke, intended to follow a hard line in health matters. Hard on the bottom, advocating strict confinement. Tough on the form, killing the debate with arguments of authority. David Clarinval (MR) was one of the first victims of Master Frank (Master Frank), one of his nicknames taken from a song by the Flemish duo Kommil Foo evoking the humiliation of a child by his teacher.

A question of diploma …

It is October 16, 2020. In the consultation committee, we are already bickering over the role that the Horeca or not plays in the spread of the virus. The Minister in charge of Independents and SMEs, David Clarinval therefore, wants to prevent the closure of bars and restaurants. Facing him, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Frank Vandenbroucke are united. Holding up a study from the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet, the Minister of Health launches to his colleague who refuses to bow to the arguments he is developing: I am a university professor! Pique, David Clarinval answers: I too have a university degree! The French-speaking liberal eventually gave in, negotiating in compensation a budget of 500 million euros in favor of the self-employed.

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