Watch his trailer and a short animated film focused on McCree.

In the framework of BlizzCon 2018 a new heroine was announced for Overwatch, it is about Ashe that you can meet in your presentation trailer.

Below you have your information courtesy of the official site of the game:


  • Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe, Age: 39
  • Profession: Thief, leader of a band
  • Base of operations: Deadlock Canyon, Arizona, United States
  • Affiliation: Deadlock Band

Ashe is the ambitious and calculating leader of the Deadlock Band and a respected figure in the underworld.

As he was born into a wealthy family, Ashe grew up surrounded by privileges. His parents were prestigious business consultants and advisors to powerful executive directors from around the world. Although her parents paid little attention to her (in general, they left her care to the only butler of the family, Bob), they made sure that Ashe had every opportunity to succeed. But a fortuitous encounter with a local ruffian named Jesse McCree and a series of improvised crimes they committed together made him discover his true calling. The satisfaction of being smarter than her whites and the thrill of getting away with her led her down the path of the outlaws.

Along with the other three founders of the Deadlock Band, Ashe began to become known by increasingly risky and extravagant assaults. The rapid rise of the Deadlock Band to prominence generated conflicts with other criminal organizations in the American Southwest: often, the confrontations became violent. After years of skirmishes and bloodshed, Ashe gathered the heads of the most important groups.

I had anticipated the potential for everyone to have more influence. He put into practice what he had learned from his parents' businesses to impose order on those groups. His proposal was for the bands to work together (or at least not to face each other). Its principles: comply with your word, do not deal with the law, respect the territory of the other and always punish the betrayal.

As he no longer has to deal with disputes with the other gangs, Ashe now makes his name known by the American Southwest with a series of assaults and audacious operations, thanks to which he has headed the lists of the most wanted by the authorities and consolidated his legacy as legendary forajida.



Ashe fires his rifle quickly or takes his time to execute a powerful shot through his sights. She causes her enemies to go flying through the air with her dynamite, and her double-barreled shotgun causes impacts that are strong enough to put distance between her and her enemies. And Ashe is not alone, since she can call her ally B.O.B. to join the battle when necessary.

Along with the presentation of Ashe was shown an animated short called "Meeting" where McCree appears in action with Ashe. You can see it below:

Overwatch is available in versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and in BlizzCon 2018 other announcements have also been made such as Warcraft III: Reforged, Diablo Immortal for mobile, and Destiny 2 for PC as a gift.


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