Meet Romain Dupont: The Mole Driver Offering ‘Taupe Solution’ in the Basque Country and South of the Landes

Originally from Brittany, Romain learned the job of mole driver from his father, who practiced it before him. Two years ago, he created “Taupe Solution”. It operates in the Basque Country and the South of the Landes.

Many gardeners will tell you: a molehill is fine, dozens or even hundreds of mounds, it’s no longer a lawn but a wasteland. To get rid of it, there are not 36 solutions. To avoid this, you can call on a mole. Romain Dupont exercises this rare profession in Anglet under the name of “Taupe Solution”.
Punctual intervention or annual package, Romain adapts to the requests of his customers. Its prices will depend on the size of the land, the number of molehills present and the distance by car from Anglet. To learn more about the lifestyle of moles and understand their job:
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2023-05-30 05:16:00

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