Meet the 12 secrets of Google that most do not know

How to improve searches, obtain mathematical calculations at the moment and ask the virtual assistant to schedule reminders or make calls.

Find a nearby restaurant, calculate the calories of a food or translate a text are some of the many services offered by Google from your search engine. And it concentrates many other functions from Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts or Drive. Here, a tour of some useful tools that can be activated from the search engine.

1. Secure searches

From the configuration menu you can activate this function that prevents images, videos or portals with explicit content from appearing in searches.

2. Nutrition facts

You can ask Google how many calories a cake has or how much protein a steak has and the search engine will directly offer the information without the user having to click on any page.

At the bottom it will say which is the source from which this information is derived. In times when so much false information circulates, it is essential that this information is recorded. And beyond that, the user always has to contrast information with different sources. It is one of the axes of digital literacy.

3. Calculator

The search engine can also be converted into a large calculator. Just enter a sum or multiplication press "enter" and you will get the answer.

4. Graphics generator

If you enter the details of the equations you want to graph, the search engine will show the drawing on the screen.

5. To know how some figures are said in English

To know how to say a number in English, something that can generate doubts, especially if it has several numbers, you have to write the number and at the end add "= english". By doing so, Google will show how that number is said in English.

6. The value of the shares

Google Actions

If you write "shares" and the name of the company in question, you will see the value of Nasdaq.

7. Voice assistant

The intelligent assistant of Google can ask for everything, in the same way that can be done with Alexa or Siri. To activate it, simply press the microphone and ask him to schedule a reminder, to look for information, to explain the meaning of a term, to make a call or to translate a term.

8. Translations instantly

And speaking of translations, the search engine can also convert a phrase or text to the desired language. Just enter the query and you will receive the translation in the desired language: you can see the written text and also hear how it is pronounced by pressing on the little bell that will be on the word or phrase in question.

9. Data from the applications from the search engine

"Slices" is a tool available for Android that shows data of the apps from the search engine. For example, if you are in the United States and need a Lyft car, instead of opening the app, search with the "Lyft" search engine and you will see an interactive "Slice" with the price and time of the trip.

10. Job seeker

Google jobs on google

The "Jobs" function allows the user to receive a list of jobs directly on his screen filtered by different criteria: closeness, type of requirements or job description.

11. Restaurants

If you write "restaurants in the area" the search engine will offer a list of places to go to eat or drink, in addition to the hours of attention and user comments.

12. More exact searches
There are several tricks to improve searches with Google. Here, some of the most interesting: put in quotation marks the subject that is sought like this searches for every sentence and not the separated words, for example "Diego Rivera".


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