Orange is the first mobile operator in Egypt. The company was established in March 1998 and is headquartered in Cairo. The company has 34 transmission and reception stations. Orange is the first operator of the global mobile phone system GSM, where the system provides its network services to the subway stations.

As for the coverage of the Orange network, we find that it covers all of Egypt with a coverage rate of up to 90%, which has made the population in a continuous increase. The number of subscribers reached millions of subscribers in Egypt and the countries of the world. When talking about Orange's position among the second companies in the market And competition in the number of services and offers that offer, we find that Orange occupies the second tier between mobile networks.

Orange is the first telecommunications company in Egypt and the Middle East, and for its position and multiple services, Orange has been able to obtain the ISO certificate.

Orange seeks to provide the best services to its customers, and has become a unique and has reached the application of technology next generation technology of technical support systems for network management.

Orange systems and packages

Orange offers a range of systems and packages to meet customers' needs including:

· Eagle

· Dolphin

· Dragon

· Fox

Dolphin Pack

Dolphin systems from Orange offer many units that the customer uses as call minutes or megabytes to access the Internet. Through Dolphin systems, the customer can keep the remaining units with him for the last month, replacing them with a discount from the monthly subscription or transferring them for the new month in renewing the monthly package. Dolphin offers many additional minutes for the customer's preferred number, with a number of messages available to any network in Egypt.

Dolphin 25

The Dolphin 25 package offers 800 units that can be used as minutes or Mega Bates beside 300 minutes for the preferred number and a number of messages for any network in Egypt.

Dolphin Package 40

The Dolphin 40 offers a number of 1,500 units that are used as minutes or megabytes along with 450 minutes for the preferred number and a number of messages covering any other network.

Dolphin Pack 60

The Dolphin 60 package offers 2.500 units that are also used as minutes or megabytes along with the number of messages used for other networks.

Renewing the Dolphin package

The monthly package is renewed by dialing 400 or short code # 5 #, and following the instructions on the screen.



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