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Rising fuel prices: meeting the French at Côte-d'Or stations
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P-L.Monnier, E.Sizarols, PH.Goldmann

France 2

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Oil prices fell last week, but pump prices continue to rise. Report in Côte-d’Or, in various stations of the department.

When driving normally, you should look straight ahead. Only to find the best station and unearth the best prices, it is now necessary to scrutinize all the signs. The cheapest station of Dijon (Côte-d’Or) sells Monday, November 22 Unleaded at 1.55 euros, and 1.51 euros diesel. A retired couple did not hesitate. “It made us tilt, we stopped. Already we did not have any more, and we said to ourselves [que ce n’était] not cheap, but cheaper “, confides the woman. A student has spotted the prices on an application. Not enough to relieve her tight budget: between her training and her work, she travels about 100 km per day.

Even reduced, for many people in Dijon the prices seem too high. In places in the department, you have to pay a high price. One hour from Dijon, the stations are rarer, and the prices higher. The most expensive station in Côte-d’Or, off the motorway, sells its diesel at 1.74 euros, and 1.80 euros Unleaded, or 23 to 25 cents more expensive than in Dijon. The manager says she has no choice. “I increase the prices because the oil company has increased me”, explains Marie Fourrier. In this station, prices exceeded the records of 2012.