Meet the Necochea photographer who portrays famous people

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Photographer Thomas Raimondi was responsible for the cover of 2:50 Remix

And he was also present at the private event in which Mau and Ricky Montaner presented 3 in the morning, where he shared the night with personalities of the stature of Sebastián Yatra, Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala, Lele Pons and Manuel Turizo.

“With almost everyone, getting work done, I have a very nice friendship and very good vibes, I have gone out to eat, they greet me for my birthday, we go out”, assures the also filmmaker in dialogue with INFOCIELO about his bond with the artists with whom has worked.

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Photographer Thomas Raimondi was present at Mau and Ricky's event in Miami

Photographer Thomas Raimondi was present at Mau and Ricky’s event in Miami

Also, it tells some secrets behind the choice of postcards. “I know more or less what the artist likes, I try to study his Instagram, his image,” he explains about the final selection of photographs. “The choice, the selection and the edition go through me; I send the artist everything 100 percent done,” he adds.

What Thomas likes most about his job is enjoying his day to day life, traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. “That they open a lot of doors for me and allow me to be free,” he tells this portal. “Also the friendships and contacts that I have, it is very nice to share moments with them,” he says.

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Photographer Thomas Raimondi worked with dozens of celebrities

Photographer Thomas Raimondi worked with dozens of celebrities

When choosing an “earring” with whom he would like to do a photo session, the young man names Lali. “I worked once in 47 ST with her, for me she is very fat, I love her, it would be a great pleasure to be able to work with her again in a clip, photos, or something,” he says.

Now at the peak of his professional career, the photographer remember its beginnings. It was in his native Necochea, portraying family, landscapes and friends, when he discovered his love for photography.

The world of celebrities came later, led by More Rial, who hired him to take photos of his brand. From there, the followers on social networks began to climb and today it exceeds 100,000 on Instagram.

Mariano Martínez, Julieta Prandi, Julieta Puentes, Agus Agazzani, Ruggero, Stefi Roitman and Delfi Ferrari are also on the list of celebrities immortalized in various campaigns by Thomas, who works freelance and has his own studio in Palermo Hollywood.