Meet the new CEO of Zain Saudi Arabia


Latest Update: Sunday, 29 Rajab 1439 H – April 15, 2018 Meet the new CEO of Zain Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Company (Zain) has announced the resignation of its chief executive officer # Peter_Kaliaropoulos , In order to open the way for Chief Operating and Technical Officer Sultan Abdul Aziz Al-Dwithir, to lead the company. The company said in a statement published on the website “Tadawul” that the resignation of Kaliaropoulos will take effect from 30/06/2018 to pursue his career in other employment opportunities. As announced by the Board of Directors # Zain Saudi Arabia that Al-Dugheather will resume his role as CEO of the company as of 01/07/2018 in lieu of the resigning president and as part of the succession plan for talented and experienced Saudi executives, in line with the Government’s initiatives and policy. How did he start his journey with Zain? He began # Sultan_Abdulaziz_Deghether His trip with Zain Saudi Arabia shortly after the start of operations, as Director of the Wireless Planning Department in 2009, where he participated in the construction of engineering department. In addition, he led the launch of the first 4g network in the Kingdom in 2011, and among his many achievements he led one of the largest projects in the history of Project Saudi Arabia with a total investment of SR 4.5 billion. After successfully completing the project he was appointed Chief Technology Officer. He was then appointed Chief Operating Officer with the leadership of organizational affairs, innovation and digital transformation programs at Zain Saudi Arabia. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering from King Saud University.


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