Meet Victor von Caspian: Descendant of World Champions and Best Females in the World

🐕 Victor Caspian 🇮🇷 in fifteen days (mashallah)
💪 Son of Neymar Caspian and Nette Kallenberger Land👊
🇮🇷Victor von Caspian
➡️Neymar of Caspian
➡️Cute from Kahlenberger Land
🔹Grand parents⤵️
➡️VA6 BSZS Quenn off the runway Trophe
➡️V62 BSZS Francy vom Schloß Rügland
➡️V3 OGZ Skip from Altenberger Land
➡️V6 OGZ Fina from Kahlenberger Land
➡️VA1 BSZS Ballack from Brucknerallee
➡️SG19 BSZS Ofra off the Trophe runway
➡️VA1 BSZS Leo from the Zenteiche
➡️V5 BSZS Ronja vom Schloß Rügland
➡️SG92 BSZS Cicolo vom Acrobatics
➡️SG22 Edina from the larch grove
➡️SG4 BSZS Xaro by ben Harten
➡️V4 OGZ Wenke from the Emsaue

🟢HD between➡️ 79(02.21)
🟢G-Zw➡️ 106(02.21)

🔴Grandson of the 6th world champion Queen and the great French
⚪️Descendant of Jaro and the first two champions of the world (Ballock, Leo) and the best females in the world

📆 Friday, February 24, 2019 (February 12, 2021)

👨🏼‍🌾breeder and 👨‍💼owner👈Caspian Kennel

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