On the occasion of the beginning of the Austrian EU Council Presidency in July, Juncker paid the Austrian government a visit to Vienna on Friday. Of course, it was also about refugee policy and the asylum compromise, the CDU and CSU had negotiated on the eve of Germany. In a press briefing, Kurz expressed optimism that European countries could launch the asylum policy changes that had been negotiated during the asylum summit in Brussels by the end of the year. “Would I be Council President …” So much self-assurance aroused Juncker a little angry. After all, the EU Commission had already made proposals in 2016 for a far-reaching reform of the Dublin system, which was drafted with the help of all European member states. So far, the member states have not approved the proposals. So Juncker corrected the Austrian Chancellor: “Everything shows that as long as we do not make the Dublin reform forward-looking, we can get stuck again and again. So here is also called Tempo. But the commission has done your job. If I were Council President, I would not be so cocky here because I know how difficult it is to find compromises between Member States. ” Juncker still full of praise for short And he gave him some advice, if Kurz’s ambitious plan failed: “But if you can not compromise, you should just agree with the Commission’s proposals.” Kurz gratefully accepted the advice and agreed that speed is needed. Therefore, there is no dispute between the two politicians. Juncker was full of praise for Kurz before and after the meeting. Also in the video: She had to show remorse in Iranian TV – 17-year-old arrested for dance videos


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