Meeting with Autobahn GmbH Ost on plans for 2022

Autobahn GmbH Ost and ADAC Sachsen have exchanged views on construction projects and general plans for 2022 +++ both parties want to establish good communication with those affected

Dresden / Saxony. It’s about important construction projects and how they affect traffic on the Saxon autobahns: At the meeting between Christian Milster, head of the Autobahn GmbH branch office in Dresden, and Helmut Büschke, board member for traffic and technology at ADAC Sachsen, on March 23 2022 the Saxon autobahns in focus. This meeting is the starting point for a regular exchange between Autobahn GmbH and ADAC Sachsen in order to discuss projects and to enter into suitable communication with media representatives and those affected at an early stage.

As was already known from the media, the current year will be a very busy year for Saxony. In particular, the sections of the A4, the Elbe descent near Dresden and the “Königshainer Berge” tunnel system, as well as the A14 between Leisnig and Döbeln-Nord, will have a greater impact on traffic during the construction process. Autobahn GmbH and ADAC Sachsen jointly decided to play out the information at an early stage and thus ensure more explanation and understanding among the motor vehicle drivers concerned and local residents.
From Christian Milster’s point of view, 24-hour construction sites are currently not possible because, based on the experience of previous years, no bids are received from construction companies in response to tenders. However, the construction measures currently being advertised require the use of all daylight. In perspective, however, there could be mixed forms in which certain suitable work should also be carried out at night or in the dark. The ongoing votes and deliberations on this are being followed closely.

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The demand for measures to increase truck parking spaces on the motorways was also important to ADAC. According to the last survey from 2018, there is currently a large deficit in such places in Saxony. Autobahn GmbH is planning a staggered expansion up to 2026 so that too many parking spaces are not lost at the same time as a result of the construction work. The topic of setting up an infrastructure for fast charging of electric vehicles also plays an important role in the conversion planning.

Other topics discussed were:

• Truck overtaking bans
The ADAC Sachsen is committed to examining further HGV overtaking bans and the extension of the prohibition times of existing overtaking bans on the motorways. The problem has been exacerbated by the significant increase in traffic volumes in recent years. After the evaluation of the traffic count from 2021, which is expected this summer, a reassessment should take place promptly.

• Information on daily construction sites
The ADAC would like to see an improvement in the communication on daily construction sites in order to be informed in advance about possible traffic jams. According to Autobahn GmbH, information on daily construction sites as well as other ad hoc measures are regularly communicated to the media. The ADAC is now also included in the distribution list

• Traffic Restrictions
For the area of ​​the A4 between Dreieck Nossen and the junction to the A17, the ADAC is asking for an examination of whether the existing limitation of the permissible maximum speed to 120 km/h is still necessary over this quite long stretch or whether it can be limited to the areas that are actually prone to accidents.
Furthermore, the ADAC advocates checking the closure of the left lane at the Autobahndreieck Parthenaue in the crossing from the A38 to the A14 in the direction of Dresden.