Meeting with Cécile Bois, the heroine of Candice Renoir

France 3 recently aired Murder in Sarlat . In the role of the inspector in charge of the investigation, the viewers found with pleasure Cécile Bois , the heroine of Candice Renoir . Decidedly, the policewoman characters are well suited to the actress! In the TV movie of France 3, she formed a binomial with Thierry Godard , hero of gears and D’ A French village . Unlike Candice Renoir, rather voluble and expressive, the inspector she embodied appeared distant, cold, stubborn, authoritarian. As for Thierry Godard, he played a man at once tender and endearing, whereas one is accustomed to see him in rather taciturn roles. In a way, it’s a little as if they had inverted in these characters the image they usually convey.

Cécile Bois, the heroine of Candice Renoir

When we met her last Monte Carlo Television Festival , Cécile Bois was radiant. She had come to talk about Candice Renoir while season 5 had just ended and that began the filming of season 6 . Since the beginning of the successful series of France 2, his character has evolved, which is not displeasing to him. As seasons go by, Candice Renoir has gained depth, still juggling her investigations, her children and her romantic relationships. The actress also finds that Candice Renoir requires a lot of energy and can be even sometimes suffocating. The two women are not alike even though the actress admits to having some empathy with her character. Over time, affinities have been created.

On the set of the sixth season, she is delighted to meet the entire team. The first two episodes were made by Raphaël Lenglet , who plays the role of Antoine Dumas in the series. He was directive but above all very close to the comedians he has rubbed shoulders with for years. Would Cécile Bois also be tempted by the realization? From the outset, she replied that it was not for her. Being a director requires too much responsibility.

It will surely wait until next spring to find the adventures of Candice Renoir on France 2.

Cécile Bois

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