Meeting with Jean-François Lerma, kingpin of the Foulées de la Cathédrale and the Foulées roses de Chartres: “A big organization”

Pushing him to the front of the stage is not easy. Jean-François Lerma, although accustomed to the podiums, cultivates discretion when it comes to discussing his career. A sports course. Footballer one day, runner the next, the project manager at Center France Events will once again work as part of the Foulées de la Cathédrale and the Foulées roses de Chartres, Saturday 25 June.

In the oven as in the mill: “Les Foulées is a big organization. My role is to set up the departure village, coordinate the activities, ensure the proper distribution of bibs and T-shirts or even ensure the reception of partners”, observes the 40-year-old Barjouvillois.

27th edition of the Strides of the Cathedral in Chartres: a first overheated recognition

Not here to “perfer”

A contribution that he wishes to return in a collective framework: “We work hand in hand with the 180 volunteers of the ASPTT, the fifty or so from the PEPS association (Prevention education for health) and 10 employees of Center France Evénements observes this familiar with off-stadium races since he took on his role as project manager in 2015.

Trail d’Illiers, A guy a girl, Chartres half-marathon and, of course, Stride of the Cathedral. “It’s difficult to run them while animating them, but I wanted to do it to see how it works inside. To rediscover the enthusiasm, the solidarity of these popular races”, confides “Jeff”, not there to “perfer”.

Strides of the cathedral and Pink strides of Chartres: the tempo is accelerating

“The driving force is pleasure. I had run in 52 minutes in 2019: I must be able to do less but that’s not the goal”, concludes the one who will pack up all the logistics of the event, on June 25, with the kingpins of the event well after midnight, exhausted. Like after a good workout…

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David Berthelem