Mega fine to Kim Kardashian, she will pay over 1 million to Sec – North America

Kim Kardashian has agreed to pay more than $ 1 million to the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, to end a dispute with Consob USA for not declaring what she received for an Instagram post advertising a cryptocurrency company . Cnbc reports it.
The SEC accused the reality star of violating federal laws for failing to report being paid $ 250,000 to post a post on EMAX tokens, a cryptocurrency asset offered by EthereumMax. The post, which contained the hashtag “#ad”, included a link to the EthereumMax website, which provides users with instructions on how to purchase tokens.
Kardashian, who has assets of approximately $ 2.8 billion, also agreed not to promote the crypto currency sector for three years and to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.



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