Megan Fox cut a hole in her clothes so she could have sex. Fans disgusted

Machine Gun Kelly (check!) and Megan Fox began dating in secret even before the woman had time to divorce her husband Brian Austin Green. The relationship was only revealed after a few months, when they began posting joint photos on the network. The couple was extremely close to each other from the beginning, but their practices were shocking. It has turned out that the partners drink their blood from time to time.

Megan Fox’s posts are more and more surprising. The woman not only reveals more and more parts of her body, alluring herself to take photos, but also makes private confessions, which sometimes involve the sphere of intimacy. She recently shared with fans a series of photos where she poses in a blue jumpsuit, which she went to the Billboard Music Awards 22 in Las Vegas. What’s more, she added an excerpt from a text conversation with her stylist Maeve Reilly to the post, in which she tries to find out how expensive her outfit was, because she cut a hole in the crotch of her pants in order to indulge in love in the embrace of her beloved.

The fans did not hide their indignation at what the woman had done. Many Internet users were embarrassed by the actress’s appearances.

“Did you cut a hole Megan? Really?”

“Girl we don’t need to know what you do with MGK in that jumpsuit”

“You sound like a high school girl who is in a strange relationship and tries to pretend that everything is fine” – we read under the entry.

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