Megan Fox is rocking some really short bangs in these pics

Megan Fox and her beau Machine Gun Kelly, who doesn’t see them everywhere, adorn the British this autumn/winter GQ Style. The photos are, how could it be otherwise, ‘Bonnie-&-Clyde-meets-Dracula’, with MGK biting Megan on the neck and Megan doing something with a gun in light clothes. But what really struck us now: Megan’s mega-short bangs. She rocks a real one micro-fringe in the pictures.

Megans micro-fringe

We also saw Megan with short bangs at the Met Gala. She told Emma Chamberlain about this, who was interviewing for Vogue, that people at home should not just try it; Megan had a hairpiece in so she would just have her long locks back the next day. We expect that the same was done for these photos.

Megan’s bangs are different this time than on the red carpet. It’s even shorter, seems to just ‘swipe’ over her forehead, and at the Met Gala she wore very bulging bangs, which curled into her forehead. In the GQ photos, the bangs are made up of loose, wispy hairs.

Megan’s hair was done by her standard hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, who let the rest of her hairstyle hang down in long, wavy strands. makeup artist Ash K Holm did her makeup and gave Megan her signature dark, angular brows, an intense smokey eye with long lashes, and a brownish lip color.

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