Megan Fox’s sweetheart breaks a glass


– Published on June 30, 2022 at 12:07

In the middle of a concert, Machine Gun Kelly got angry with one of his employees. Then at the after party, he smashed a glass against his face with such force that he started bleeding.

Machine Gun Kelly’s last performance was not the calmest. And for good reason ! Megan Fox’s companion lost his temper on Tuesday, June 28, in the middle of his sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. The artist was caught yelling at a crew member and smashing a guitar. The singer of ” Bloody Valentine left the stage near the end of her show in New York, walking towards a male employee, ready to settle accounts. Fortunately, another employee intervened before things escalated further.

During this moment of fury, his band continued to play for the crowd in attendance. Machine Gun Kelly then returned to the stage, but his anger did not go down. Facing the audience, he picked up a guitar and smashed it in front of the entire audience. And it didn’t end that way. After the concert, he went to an after party, where he slammed a champagne flute against his head… The rocker hit himself so hard the glass shattered against his face. He then opened wide and began to bleed, but did not bother to treat himself.

Behavior deemed immature by Internet users

Faced with this controversy and these images that have circulated on the Web, Machine Gun Kelly spoke in an Instagram story, this Wednesday, June 29. ” I don’t care, mate. I do not care“, he said on the microphone in a sequence, with the caption, “ and that’s when things went wrong… “Shocked by his behavior, many Internet users reacted to the publication shared by the media. PageSix. Many lamented his “ immaturity “while the companion of Megan Fox is the father of a 12-year-old girl. ” It’s time to grow up… ‘Rock star’ antics are boring“, in particular commented a subscriber.