Meghan didn’t feel protected by Royals

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Duchess Meghan apparently had to struggle during her pregnancy that she was “not protected” by the royal family. According to documents, this primarily concerned dealing with the press.

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have turned their backs on British royal life. The two now live in Los Angeles with their son. For the most part, they have given up royal duties and privileges.

Now the possible reasons for the Megxit, as the withdrawal of Meghan and Harry was often called, have been examined more closely. The 38-year-old, in particular, felt “not protected by the institution” of the monarchy. The “BBC” now reports, citing court documents. According to the documents, she was “banned” from defending herself against media reports while she was pregnant, the report said.

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

The documents are part of Meghan’s lawsuit against the publisher of “Mail on Sunday” and “Mail Online”, the British news channel continued. The two sheets had published excerpts from a letter that Prince Harry’s wife sent to her father in 2018. Among other things, the Duchess is suing for copyright infringement. Associated Newspapers denies all allegations.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: The two no longer felt comfortable as royals.  (Source: imago images / PA Images)Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: The two no longer felt comfortable as royals. (Source: imago images / PA Images)

According to the BBC, the court documents contain answers to questions from Associated Newspapers about the lawsuit brought by the Duchess of Sussex, who moved to California with Harry and their son Archie in the spring. The papers are apparently also about an interview that five of Meghan’s friends gave to a US magazine in February 2019: Meghan had become the focus of “a large number of wrong and harmful articles from the British tabloids”. That represented an “enormous emotional burden” and harmed “her mental health“.

Meghan was not allowed to defend herself

The news channel also quotes from the documents: “Since her friends had never seen her in this condition before, she was right to be concerned about her well-being, especially because she was pregnant, was not protected by the institution and was not allowed to defend herself.”

Cost of the wedding

In addition, according to the report, Meghan’s team of lawyers is also said to point out that the security costs of her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, paid for by public funds, were more than offset by tourism revenue. According to the “BBC”, these are valued in the papers at one billion pounds (about 1.1 billion euros). The royal wedding is said to have cost an estimated £ 32 million.

The Duchess of Sussex is suing the newspaper editors for damages for alleged misuse of private information, copyright infringement and violation of the data protection law. She had previously stated that if her money was to be awarded, she would donate it to an anti-bullying organization.

After a first hearing in May, the court rejected parts of Meghan’s lawsuit. Among other things, the allegations that problems between Meghan and her father were deliberately “fueled” and that there was an “agenda” for the newspaper to publish offensive stories about Meghan.



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