Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and their millionaire ‘Twilight’ cover

Well, they are already the hybrid between Hollywood royalty, influencers and celebrities. Meghan Markle (40) and the Prince Harry (37) occupy the cover page of the magazine Time in the number dedicated to the most influential from 2021. As is often the case with everything that surrounds them, this new recognition is giving a lot to talk about: from the reasons for those who would or would not deserve to receive it at landed who have starred for the publication, going through the position that each one of them chose to occupy in front of the camera of photographer Pari Dukovic and the radiant appearance that look in said image.

Obviously, nothing has been left to chance and Meghan, who already knows about this because before ‘royal’ was an actress, she wanted to hire a first-rate team for the occasion, according to the Daily Mail newspaper. stylist Nina Hallworth, famous for her work with stars like Jennifer Aniston, was in charge of helping him choose the white suit pants with a matching shirt that appears on the cover.

His sister Clare took care of dressing Harry, whose dark and more informal attire contrasts with that of his wife, who poses standing in front of him while he appears seated and with a hand placed on his shoulder. As a personal detail, so in a ‘casual’ way, he put on several beaded bracelets like the ones he often wears in his day to day, while Meghan opted for his alliance, her engagement ring and a Cartier bracelet. More ‘chic’.

Of course, the photo, which has been criticized a lot (because there is too much hair retouching, even), does not leave anyone indifferent, and if you neglect it, it seems taken from the promotion of ‘Eclipse’, one of the films in the saga ‘ Twilight ‘, they only lacked the presence of Taylor Lautner behind (who as he is missing from Hollywood, he was the same but he is not seen).

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The Duchess has also turned to Serge Normant, the hairdresser who was in charge of creating the informal updo that she wore on her wedding day. The low bun with several strands framing her face became her hallmark as ‘royal’, but this time she has opted for a hair combed in waves and with much more volume than usual to convey a sense of power. Come on, they have not left anything to chance and they are already talking about how much they have spent on all this waste to send the message to the world: watch out who’s boss at home.