Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to endure a lot this week.
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                    It was a week to forget for the royals. Especially New-Royal Meghan Markle (37) and her godfather Prince Harry (33) had to endure a lot this week again. In addition to the usual baby rumors, Duchess Meghan of Sussex and Prince Harry of Wales also had to deal with a very bizarre law.
Absurd Baby News: Duchess Meghan and Harry are planning adoption from Africa
Already at the beginning of the week, a wild baby rumor made for new headlines. While the whole world waits in vain for a baby bump, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have quite different plans: namely, an adoption of an African baby. A suitable child is said to have already found the pair. Allegedly, the girl is from an orphanage in Botswana and six Be months old. According to a gossip, Duchess Meghan of Sussex and Harry are said to have taken care of the paperwork.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Bizarre custody rule overshadows her baby luck
Things will not be that easy for Meghan and Harry. Because as it came out now, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will not have full custody of their own children. Since the Royal Baby is not even in the world, since Meghan and Harry already have custody stress. According to one law, only one has full custody of their future offspring, whether adopted or not. None other than Queen Elizabeth II has full custody of all minor royals. This rule also applies to the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Whether this bizarre law will reduce Harry's and Meghan's wish for a baby is unlikely.
Royale family drama! Was Meghan Markle deceived by Camilla Parker Bowles?
But the alleged adoption and custody stress are not the only worries Meghan Markle had to deal with these days. Also, the 37-year-old had to learn that Camilla Parker Bowles (71) regularly secretly phoned her father Thomas Markle. If Thomas Markle's statements are to be believed, Camilla is said to have said "rude things" about Meghan. Now Meghan fears that Camilla could have driven a wedge between her and her father forever.
Whether all the adoption, baby and family drama but actually true, probably know only the members of the royal family.
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