Meghan Markle and the British: Racism clouds wedding plans


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Racist mails and a mysterious package, mean comments and more: The future wife of Prince Harry has to endure so much in the UK.

Most Britons have taken Meghan Markle and her natural appearance in the heart – but not all. Some are bothered by the fact that the future wife of Prince Harry has African-American roots on his mother’s side.
Meghan Markle repeatedly threatened
The 36-year-old was even repeatedly threatened. This is also one of several reasons why the 19 May wedding was behind the thick walls of Windsor Castle and not in London takes place. Although Meghan describes herself as a “strong and confident woman of mixed descent”, but the hostility may also be on their nerves.
A low point was a racism scandal in the right-wing populist Ukip party. He even cost the party chief Henry Bolton the office. What happened? The politician’s friend, who was about 30 years younger, had admitted to sending messages to a friend in which she commented very demurely on Meghan and all people of black skin. She also warned that the American would pave the way for a dark-skinned king in the UK. It is Harry Father, Prince Charles, heir to the throne. After that come Prince William and his children. The chance that a descendant of Prince Harry and Meghan comes to the throne is extremely low.
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Bolton’s partner, who calls herself a model and actress in social media, apologized for her “shocking way of speaking”. At the same time she claimed that her quotations had been taken out of context. Under pressure, family man Bolton separated from his girlfriend. Nevertheless, he lost his party post.
Meghan has repeatedly been the target of hostility in the UK. Prince Harry, 33, was forced to protect his girlfriend from further “insults and harassment” in a public appeal. The Royal lamented “sexism and racism of social network trolls” and a racist undertone in parts of the British press. He worried about Meghan’s safety, Harry told her. A border was clearly crossed. His power word brought him a lot of praise – but it has only partially used.
Mysterious parcel sent to London
It became really threatening when a mysterious package was sent to St. James’s Palace in London. There are apartments and offices of the Royals. The package contained “malicious communication” and a substance that later turned out to be harmless, but was apparently afraid to commit an assassination. An anti-terrorism unit of police investigated for a racist hate crime. According to the London Evening Standard, the package was addressed to Prince Harry and Meghan. The police are on alert because of the wedding. Because Harry and Meghan plan after the wedding a carriage ride through the city.

Meghan Markle: This is Prince Harry’s fiancee
Image: Danny Lawson, PA Wire / dpa
The extended family circle of the Royals was insensitive. So Princess Michael of Kent – she bears her first name in the title – wore a brooch with a “Blackamoor” on her jacket for Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace. Such African figures are often slave and colonial servants. The noblewoman is married to a cousin of the Queen and not very popular because of her brisk nature. “The brooch was a gift and had been worn several times before,” said a spokesman for the 73-year-olds. She was very sad that the piece of jewelry caused trouble.

For Chamion Caballero of the Mix-d Museum, the royal wedding is showing an increasing tolerance in the country. However, the director of the digital archive on mixed cultures in the UK does not believe that this fundamentally changes anything. “Probably more racism in the public discussions would be apparent if Meghan had darker skin,” said Caballero the German Press Agency. Research has shown that the darker the skin, the stronger the discrimination. Meghan’s father is fair-skinned.

The ZDF is responsible for the public-legal the live coverage of Windsor.
Image: Dominic Lipinski, dpa
The topic of racism has long been preoccupying Harry’s future. So her grandfather had told how he once had to order his food in a separate area in a fast food restaurant in the US and consume it in the car. “This story still haunts me,” wrote the actress in the magazine “Elle”. Torment had also caused her that her mother Doria was racially abused when she did not get out of a parking lot fast enough with the car.
Often enough, the mother in Los Angeles was considered Meghan’s nanny. The father worked as a lighting expert in the film industry. The couple separated when Meghan was still a child. Her parents had given her self-confidence, said the 36-year-old. A property that evidently lies in the family. For the US-American is particularly proud of her great-great-great-grandfather: When he had to choose a surname after the abolition of slavery in 1865, he chose Wisdom – in German: wisdom. (AP) Themes follow


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